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If you are a songwriter, musician, or artist, you must protect your copyrighted content and strive to legally complete all paperwork. Your creativity is an investment in the future, and show business is a complex ecosystem where you need to navigate very well. You must know how to act in different situations. For example, your original work has already been used without permission (a translation, a cover, a remix has been made, the song is already being played in an advertisement, or someone openly plagiarized it, passing it off as their work), or your stage name is being used by someone else, etc. Our legal services are the way to properly set up your musical activity:


If you are a photographer, and your photographic work has become the basis of a company's advertising story or adorns the streets and squares of the city, looking at billboards, and you are again out of the right to receive a fair royal reward. All these issues can be solved by forming a minimum package of legal services:


If you are a blogger who founded your own YouTube channel or you have active subscribers in different social networks (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, VK). And it’s very disappointing if your unique content is copied, blocked, used without permission, etc. It will be difficult without legal support, so we advise you to choose the necessary legal services to carry out your activities:

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If you are a film producer, production company, author of a film script with an original ideological composition, and your work (in this case, literary or audiovisual) is illegally, without obtaining permission, used by other persons, organizations, this may also become the subject of a lawsuit on violation of your property and personal non-property copyrights. And also, in order to take advantage of state grants, go through pitching and prepare the entire package of documents, you need to do a legal analysis, get all registrations, draw up copyright agreements and fix obligations to producers and sponsors of the film in contracts. At the very beginning, we recommend the following legal services:


If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or investor who has developed a business project, a startup, invested in a profitable business, but you are at the beginning of the journey and want to streamline all legal copyright issues, as you understand that the value of any idea is in its material implementation and proper legal execution. For example, under an order fulfillment agreement, a certain batch of goods has been developed, but further replication occurs without your knowledge, permission and remuneration from competitors of the same product, you lose money, but at the same time, a competitor, person or company due to your innovative developments and spending on innovation, get funds, popularity, recognition and do not even suspect that you have the right to apply to the court for the protection of violated rights. So you need to take care of protecting your copyrights and establishing legal relationships in advance, for example, with the help of legal services:


If you are an IT specialist, a developer of a mobile application, an interactive technology, who managed to create something unique, useful and technological. However, in addition to the investment in development and mental resources, there is a need for proper legal protection of all the details of such authoring. After all, the main thing in the era of digital technologies is not how quickly and competently these innovations are made, but how quickly they become available on the market. Contracts worth millions are concluded with those who are well prepared with the help of documents, for example, thanks to such legal services as:

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