Legal support of the Artist “turnkey”

Often, artists (singers, actors, showmen, bloggers, etc.) come to the lawyer for help with the baggage of accumulated problems associated either with the uncontrolled signing of various documents that are not even read in advance, or with ignorance of their rights in the field of intellectual property, or the artist wants to break the contract with producer, agent, publishing house, production with minimal losses for himself when a long-term contract is signed.

To find out what questions you, as an Artist, do not matter, beginner or with sufficient experience in the field of show business, you can contact our Company, we recommend, first, to watch video consultations with various Artists on the Channel of the managing partner of the Legal House “Copyright” Yuliia Iskova at the following links:


Showman and actor Sergei Sereda:

Blogger and presenter Lesia Nikitiuk:

DILEMMA lead singer Jay Bardachenko:

Actress Alena Alymova:

… and videos with other Artists, which you can easily find on the same channel.


And also the video, in general, about what the “Artist” project is:

Every day in the Artist’s creative life he is surrounded by a colossal number of people (including fans) who not only take part in the development and implementation of the Artist’s work, but also, let’s face the truth, try to make money on his intellectual work.

The specialists of our Company will help the Artist to formalize relations with all third parties that accompany his activities and establish work in such a way that the Artist will not need to delve into the “wilds” of legal subtleties of contractual relations, but calmly engage in exactly what he is called for – creativity!


What does our turnkey legal support service mean?


1. Contractual activity: perhaps the most capacious and necessary part of the work, which implies the preparation/deduction and maintenance of the Artist’s contracts:

  • contracts for the purchase or sale of copyright and/or related rights;
  • contracts for transfer of copyright and/or related rights: with publishing houses, collective management organizations, distributors, etc.;
  • contracts related to concert activities: with venues, with ticket operators, with concert and event agencies, with contractors for transportation or provision of equipment, etc.;
  • contracts regulating relations with hired dancers, musicians, designers, PR companies (PR agencies);
  • contracts regulating relations with arrangers (sound producers and/or recording studio), video authors (director, cameraman, screenwriter, production designer);
  • contracts regulating relations with production, film and television studio, TV channel, radio, organizers of concerts, festivals, competitions, etc.;
  • agreements governing relations with photographers and/or models;
  • agreements regulating relations with producers of merch, niche products and their sale for the Artist;
  • public offer agreements;

the list can be continued, it all depends on the task set by the Artist.

2. Representation of the Artist at the negotiations: if necessary, especially if the Artist clearly intends to “impose” deliberately unfavorable or incomprehensible conditions, our specialists can take part in personal meetings and conduct communication strictly in the legal field in order to protect the Artist from possible risks.

3. Copyright registration: at the request of the Artist, we are engaged in copyright registration of the results of his work.

4. Claim activity: often we are talking about a reaction to violations of the property and non-property rights of the Artist on the Internet:

  • sale of merch using the Artist’s image and/or trademark, without his permission;
  • articles with untrue or provocative information discrediting the honor and dignity of the Artist;
  • using the Artist’s name and results to promote his own products or services, etc.

5. The Artist’s entrepreneurial activity: if the Artist has registered earlier or wants to register his Company or become an Individual Entrepreneur, we assist him in this, both through consultations and, directly, by active actions; also, if desired, we can provide accounting support and/or consulting (in this case, payment is agreed separately).

6. Collection and preservation of documentation: at the request of the Artist, we store in the office, in the appropriate order, all documents (contracts, permits, receipts, Copyright Registration Certificates, Certificates for the sign for goods and services, statutory documents, etc.) that are created and signed during the activity. And at the request of the Artist, we provide a copy or scan copy of any of the documents, and if necessary, we transfer the original.

7. Trademark registrations: if necessary and desired by the Artist, we are fully engaged in the registration of signs for goods and services as representatives by proxy.

* Features of our work with the Artist:

  1. Contractual activity: we do not negotiate on the main issues instead of the Artist, we accept all fundamental information from him, and then prepare an agreement based on the Artist’s wishes, communicating with the other party either personally or through the Artist’s representative.
  2. Copyright registration: payment of mandatory state duties is not included in the cost of our services in working with the Artist.
  3. Registration of trademarks: separate payment for both our services and government fees (since there are many nuances of such work – see the section of the site about services – Trademark registration).
  4. Claim activity: we do not monitor or track violations, but only accept the fact of such violations recorded by the Artist himself or his team;
  5. The Artist’s entrepreneurial activity: payment for the services of registration of the enterprise or individual entrepreneur, as well as accounting services, is agreed separately.

Form of payment and special working conditions:

  • monthly subscriber payment of a fixed amount;
  • monthly payment without fixing the amount, and upon the fact of the work done (which may be more expensive than subscriber payment);
  • accounting services and everything related to payment at state registrations is stipulated separately;
  • the relationship is legally formalized by signing a contract for legal services;
  • personal lawyer does not mean “access 24/7,” acceptance of tasks, their processing and execution is carried out only during working hours from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00. There may be exceptions for unforeseen (transferring filming to the weekend and urgently need to look at the contract or slipped something to sign right before going on stage or into the frame, and the lawyer has not yet watched this document) or force majeure situations, but these are one-time concessions, not a potential pattern;
  • if the lead lawyer is unable to physically answer the Artist’s request/question on time, he may delegate authority to another lawyer who is competent in resolving the issue.


Remember, initially incorrect and often improperly built relationships in show business give specific cracks during the period of money deficit, therefore, contact us for any questions described and not only and our specialists will help to understand.