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Trademark registration, drawing up contracts, acquiring rights to foreign hits, legal support, representation of interests in court. Full range of legal services for the protection of intellectual property.








Years of Work

Company Services

We provide a full range of legal services for the protection of intellectual property for: authors, performers, producers, sponsors, record companies, media workers (TV, radio, press, etc.), publishers and other organizations for which copyright protection is important.

  • Registration of the name by trademark,
  • Registration of each song by copyright,
  • Agreements on the transfer of copyright (for a clip, for an arrangement, for a photo, etc.),
  • Legal support of activities…

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  • Contract with a model of photo or video shooting,
  • Registration of a name / project or studio by trademark,
  • Copyright photo registration,
  • Contract for participation in advertising shootings…

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  • Registration of the name / project / name of the channel by trademark,
  • Copyright script registration,
  • Agreements on the transfer of copyright (video, arrangement, photo, music, etc.)…

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  • Contract for the production of film,
  • Registration of the film title by trademark,
  • Copyright script registration,
  • Legal preparation and consultations on how to apply for…

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  • Legal support of project activities,
  • Project registration by trademark,
  • Copyright registration of the original product / service,
  • Applying for an industrial design patent…

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  • Copyright registration for a computer program (mobile application, etc.),
  • Legal support of project activities,
  • Project/program registration by trademark ...

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Our specialists will help you calculate the cost of services individually for your needs with a detailed description. It is much more convenient than a calculator with mythical prices. Indicate your contacts and our specialists will give you an answer.

Feedback on the Work of our Team

Our goal is not only to help our customers understand copyright issues, but also to make their work much safer. And for this we get nice feedback:


«In the modern world, an independent Artist cannot exist without a lawyer if there is no producer behind him - my team experienced this first hand. Professionals in the field of copyright from the Legal House “Copyright”, headed by Yuliia Iskova, not only put all my creative affairs in order, in documentary form, but also helped to debug the system of communication and payment of remuneration due to me for the use and rotation of my songs. Now I will not sign anything until the lawyer’s study everything and give their recommendations. Thank you, your work is very valuable for all my team.»

Zlata Ognevich

«The Legal House "Copyright" team is a mind multiplied by tolerance and dedication. They are always told about the complex legal concepts of show business in a simple and understandable language for a deeply creative person. Own concert activities take a lot of time and take away an incredible amount of strength and energy. And it is just necessary to have a reliable rear in the form of a competent lawyer who will fully take care of the preparation, verification and lead to the signing of all necessary documents for the concert in your best interests.»

Valerii Harchishin ("Druha Rika" band)

«Creative people do not often think about such complex and material matters as a trademark or copyright, they need space and inspiration for creativity. For me, the work of lawyer Yuliia Iskova was a great help, because I was not worried about all the procedures for registering the trademark of my group, I did not think about it until I received a ready-made Certificate. Also, never ignore a lawyer's advice on protecting and enforcing your copyright - this is your earnings as an author and you should not miss any opportunity.»


«Friends, no matter how much effort, money and tears you invest in the development and implementation of your work, if you do not protect the result, then all your efforts may be in vain. Yuliia Iskova, as an experienced lawyer in her field, helped to determine what should be done in the first place to protect my copyright, how best to act when concluding advertising contracts, contracts with a photographer who makes a photo session for you, and others documents that always accompany the activities of the Artist, but in which He/She "floats".»


«We will tell you frankly - Yuliia Iskova, she is cool and not only as a lawyer. Especially this whole story with the National Selection of Eurovision, and then Eurovision itself. Would we be able to do it without a lawyer? Definitely not. Because any of your "grand" ideas and initiatives, as a super group, she will break down the molecules and advise how best for you to draw up all the contracts with everyone. Believe me, it is better to leave everything to the professionals who will follow all the pitfalls in the documents, so as not to sign the garbage. They give the documents to sign - then go to Yuliia and do not hesitate. You will not only be protected from "tyrannical" working conditions, but you will also learn how to protect your copyright as an artist. Hugged everyone, KALUUUUUUUSH)) »

Anton Ptushkin

"Do you want to make money on your own creative project? It is necessary not only to make it of high quality and “tasty” for the target audience, but also to protect it in all legally possible ways. Registering a trademark, opening a company for the opportunity to work with serious foreign customers and communicate with their lawyers in the same language as them, protect yourself from interfering with government bodies as much as possible - all this is within the competence of the right lawyer. The team of Yuliia Iskova helped me in all these issues and if your project is at the launch stage, do not spare the money to contact such a lawyer, it's worth it"

Our Team

We are professionals and this shows the successful work of over 12 years in the field of intellectual property. You have a question - we have the answer. Where one person cannot cope - the team will help.


Managing partner, attorney, show business copyright lawyer

Registration of trademarks, copyrights, exclusive contracts, turnkey business, mediation, negotiation processes, claims work, protection of interests in courts of all levels in the field of intellectual property.


Chief Financial Officer

More than 15 years of successful practice of accounting, financial planning of the organization of enterprises.


Project manager, lawyer

Registration of copyright objects, SMM, work in the field of PR services and brand positioning, contract work, communication, data analysis.

Дмитрий Бут

Dmytro BUT


Copyright specialist: content maker, speaks legal English, provides legal support for the registration of legal entities.