Intellectual Property Legal and Accounting Services

We provide legal and accounting services only in the field of intellectual property and show business activities, if you are an author, co-author, artist, blogger, actor, presenter, showman, designer, photographer, director, screenwriter, cameraman, DJ, concert and event organizer, PR agency (or personal PR person), provide advertising services, television company, channel, radio channel, production, digital distributor and the like.

What do we offer?
Legal services:

  • provision of legal advice, written upon request, and oral advice on the conduct of your activities;
  • drawing up preliminary contracts, contracts, appeals to counterparties, writing requests, draft letters, applications, proposals, protocols, written requirements on issues related to business and commercial activities related to intellectual property;
  • ensuring control over the fulfillment of contractual obligations between counterparties;
  • legal support of the contract termination procedure;
  • analysis of regulatory legal acts that interest the client;
  • preparation, research and correction of documents related to the Client’s business activities,
  • preparation, research and adjustment of documents related to procedural documents related to the consideration of court cases or administrative appeal cases (work with documents);
  • development and conclusion of contracts, including with foreign counterparties;
  • preparation, legal examination of the Client’s documentation: documents of the legal entity (orders, instructions, instructions, provisions), claims, complaints, appeals, business correspondence with counterparties or business partners, requests, including government agencies, responses to them, other documents);
  • participation of a lawyer (lawyer) in meetings and negotiations with counterparties or business partners on the client’s side.

Accounting Services:

  • full maintenance of tax and accounting statements: mapping of all business transactions in accounting and tax accounting; preparation of primary accounting documents; preparation and submission of reports to tax inspectorates, Social Insurance Funds, Pension Fund, statistics bodies;
  • payroll: calculation of salaries and other accruals of employees; preparation and submission of reports; preparation and submission of information on personalized accounting to the tax inspectorate; preparation and delivery of quarterly declarations for both organizations and individuals-entrepreneurs;
  • payment of invoices from counterparties;
  • value added tax (VAT) accounting: registration of tax invoices and preparation of VAT returns;
  • preparation, submission of reports when working on a single tax and reporting for individual entrepreneurs;
  • preparation and submission of reports;
  • update of accounting and tax accounting software, as well as electronic signature keys;
  • support and control of currency transactions (invoicing, sale of currency in the interbank market, etc.);
  • consultation on the choice of taxation system and tax payment procedure.

* Note that our company has the exclusive right to provide or refuse to provide the above services, after a comprehensive detailed familiarization with the Client, the scope and methods of his activities, as well as directly with his request.

The cost and form of payment for services is determined exclusively individually in each individual case.

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