Legal Advice on Intellectual Property

Legal advice is when: we upon the demand of the client simple words provide summary of difficult legal norms in the sphere of copyright and intellectual property. We don’t teach, and we train.

Consultations can be in the following forms: oral, online (through the platform of video conference Zoom) and written (question-answer with sending by e-mail).

It is service about saving of your time and an expertize of the profile lawyer in the sphere of copyright. Very conveniently, quickly and without binding to the country or a certain address. You choose an accepted payment method and a method of consultation, and you receive answers to the questions.

What questions most often Us ask behind consultation in the sphere of intellectual property (real inquiries from our practice):

  • How to provide protection of the copyright and what, first of all, it is necessary to make to begin to earn from results of the intellectual activity?
  • How “to insure” the creative material from encroachments of the third parties?
  • What needs to be signed and how to issue that the rights to the clip completely belonged to me?
  • In what a difference between copyright and related rights what documents and with whom need to be signed to own both types of the rights?
  • How to issue relationship with the producer / sound producer / agent / actor / singer / designer / film editor/, etc.?
  • I have a recording studio. On what can I register copyright in the work?
  • I would like to learn if, for example, I want to use music in the computer game. Should I undergo the same operation, as at the publication in video of some musical track?
  • What to do in a typical situation when the contract agreement wasn’t signed? Two authors thought up the name, further dispersed, and at one of authors the group became popular, and decided to declare the second the rights for the name?
  • I ordered application programming from the freelancer’s programmer. Whether I need to be an author? Or the author will be anyway a developer? How to close legal risks? Contract of development with transfer of the exclusive rights?
  • How sounding of music in shopping center or restaurant is fixed? To whom and on what conditions it is necessary to pay for it?
  • I am an artist and if I take from social networks, for example from Instagram, work of any photographer, we will allow a portrait, and I will redraw paints on a canvas for sale whether there will be this copyright infringement?
  • If musicians and the background vocals are involved in record, however paid them for work. They have some rights? But paid them.
  • If I sold the song through the intermediary without contracts whether I have the right her again to sell or to let out her under the name?
  • If I make ornament for sale with the face of the famous person, for example Olia Poliakova, and I will sign who it, I violate copyright, concerns also the character from series, etc.?
  • Авторские права защитаIf I take a fragment from a picture of the 1897th year, I will a little change her for creation of ornament. May I sell it, having written whose work is taken for an example? May I make ornament copying the whole picture whether it plays what role years?
  • Whether it is possible to use Trademark (the sign for goods and services) during registration process, that is when documents are filed, but the Certificate isn’t received yet?
  • If to register Trademark (the sign for goods and services) on producing, and further to begin to release, say, clothes with this name, then it is necessary to carry out registration again? And it is better to register on the legal organization at once or it is possible to issue on the natural person, and then to transfer to legal?
  • If I registered the name of group as and I specified a trademark that I can be engaged in sale, that is trade activity, advertizing. May I file a complaint to shop which is used same the name in the advertizing purposes and sells goods?


And such questions for consultation a huge set in various variations and degree of complexity. From registration procedures of Trademarks and copyright before processes of creation of business on the basis of results of own intellectual activity. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.