Copyright registration in Ukraine

If you are a musician and author of your own songs, for your convenience and saving time, we can offer to receive the initial information on the need and the procedure for registering Copyright (namely songs) by watching the video on the Channel of the managing partner of the Legal House “Copyright” Yuliia Iskova at the following link:

la beginning, note the following, Copyright arises from the fact of the creation of the work and automatically applies to all countries of the Berne Convention (most of the countries of the world), of which Ukraine is a member.

In our country, the creation and exercise of copyright does not require mandatory state registration of the work or the implementation of other formalities, but we recommend, like most specialists in the field of intellectual property, to register copyright for the work. The copyright registration certificate issued by the authorized state bodies of Ukraine is the most significant evidence of copyright ownership, and also records the date of creation of the work.


The essence of registration:

  • It is optional, it is the right, not the obligation of the author or other subject of copyright.
  • An Established Certificate or Decision (when registering contracts that relate to the author’s right to a work) is issued by the State Department of Intellectual Property, which is controlled by the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine.

Advantages of registration:

  • Guarantees the presumption of authorship.
  • An effective mechanism for protecting copyright in the fight against the misuse of copyright objects.
  • It is evidence in court for controversial issues related to the establishment of authorship.
  • The presence of a Certificate or Solution can help solve financial problems associated with the accrual of copyright.

Registration procedure:

1. Preparation of the request for giving, depending on what needs to be registered they are divided into types:

  • application about registration of copyright of the Work;
  • application about registration of copyright of the Office work;
  • the application about registration of the contracts concerning the right of the author for the Work: about transfer (alienation) of property rights or about transfer of the exclusive/non-exclusive right to use the work.

Features of filling of the application:

  • is filled in by the author or the authorized person (applicant), on the basis of the power of attorney (notarially it isn’t necessary to assure, the usual original moves together with all documents).
  • in Ukraine – is filled only in Ukrainian if you the citizen of the Russian Federation, for example, that your full names and all registration data (registration) register a transcript the Ukrainian letters, and registers in brackets in original language; for example: Королев Виталий Андреевич, when filling will be so: “Корольов Віталій Андрєєвіч (Королев Виталий Андреевич)”.
  • at registration of the Contract – his certified copy and also copies of all previous contracts on transfer of copyright is surely attached if the work is created in co-authorship.

2. Preparation of the corresponding work for giving on registration:

  • in fact, all works, especially such volume as books, codes of computer programs, audiovisual works, songs and other, it is possible to record with the digital carrier – a CD disk (more chances that the equipment of registration authorities will read it without problems);
  • or, the work can be submitted in printed form (the text of songs, the picture, the scheme, the scenario plan, the photo, the musical score, the instruction, etc.).

Feature: when giving on registration of a song (that is most widespread among us), it is necessary to give also a CD disk with record of the demoversion of a song or only to record of music to the song, and separately printed out lyrics.

3. Payment of the obligatory state fee and submission of the full package of documents:

  • the amount of duties is established by the legislation (the last changes of rates happened since July 19, 2019) – the original of the check (payment order) about payment of the corresponding duty moves; it is in details possible to get acquainted with their sizes here: Link
  • submission of the full package of documents (depending on a type of the request for registration) in State Department of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine.

If the expert doesn’t reveal any violations at the procedure of giving or in contents of documents for registration, then to the address specified by you in the application, the Certificate of registration of copyright of the work or the Decision on registration of the contract will be sent. It is also possible to come and to personally take away these documents about what it is necessary to specify in the application in advance – it is convenient only for residents of Kiev if you from other city (or the countries), then of course, mail – the best option, or through the authorized person (applicant) by proxy.

If the expert reveals inaccuracies or mistakes – to you (or to the representative by proxy) will send to a regular mail, the official letter with the notice of problems, options of their elimination also will specify the term during which, you have to give the remade option, or the refusal in registration will be issued and everything should be started anew.

Registration procedure takes from 2 to 3 months. Now the appropriate public authorities try how even more to reduce this term.

Our experts have extensive experience in registration of various subjects of copyright: songs, scenarios, forms of posters, covers of albums, collections, books, computer programs, formats of projects for YouTube, images of characters of books and many other things.

To register “turnkey” you only need:

1. Details of the author / all coauthors of the registered work:

  • for natural persons: the scan copy in a digital form of 1, 2 and 3 pages of the passport and a registration, tax number;
  • for legal entities: scan copy of the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, natural persons of businessmen and public formations.

2. Work copy in a qualitative digital form. We provide record on the carrier (CD disk) or the printout independently, the cost of the carrier is included into service.
3. Date of creation of the work if it is about registration of copyright of the work.
4. The certified copy of the Contract if it is about registration of the contract concerning the rights of the author for the work.
5. Fee (the sum of payment of the corresponding duty is already included in the price).

* At registration of copyright with participation of minors, the list of the necessary documents is in addition specified.

Save to an owl time and forces, address for specification of additional questions and exact cost of our services for registration of your copyright.