Ukrainian songs stolen and appropriated by the russians

The war between Ukraine and Russia is going on not only at the front. The “Kremlin singers”, who are unable to create a melodious song with their own intelligence, steal one by one (read in legal terms – plagiarize, passing off as someone else’s work and translating the original work without the permission of the authors and copyright holders) Ukrainian hits and “translating” them into Russian, while thereby distorting the original work. In this article, we will show the TOP-8 Ukrainian songs that were stolen by the Russians.

  • авторское право в музыке“Okean Elzy” – “Ne tvoia viyna” (author of text and music: Sviatoslav Vakarchuk)

Probably, everyone has heard the terrible translation of this song performed by Olga Burlo. In the Internet, a common question of Ukrainians has become: why mock Ukrainian music? And they also ask: why was the Ukrainian “viburnum” not translated into the Russian “birch”? Ukrainians will never get answers.

  • “Okean Elzy” – “Obiymy” (author of text and music: Svyatoslav Vakarchuk)

When you, an unknown “singer” did the tactics of any rashist, namely: steal someone else’s, translate and release it on YouTube, while indicating only a link to the YouTube channel of the author of the song. This is what the Russian performer “BAHA” did. It has long been no secret that any copyright holder does not need permission from the author – they simply do not know what copyright is.

You can listen to this blasphemous piece at the link: BAHA – Embrace

  • The band “Go-A” – “SHUM” (author of the text and music: Kateryna Pavlenko, Ihor Didenchuk, folk)

It is important for every Ukrainian to know that “Shum” is an ancient Ukrainian folk song, which, according to folklorists, originates from pre-Christian times and rituals associated with the spring awakening of nature. Folklorists have been studying it for over 150 years. In particular, Mykhailo Maksymovych, Borys Hrinchenko and Mykhailo Hrushevskyi wrote about “SHUM”. “SHUM” is understood as an ordering energy, a personified forest, a personified image of the noise of the first spring greenery or a god of forests.

You can listen to the horror of plagiarizing a Ukrainian hit by following the link: SHUM

  • Scriabin – “Spy sobi sama” (author of text and music: Andriy “Pidluzh” Pidluzhnyi)

The record holder for thefts is the former soloist of the band “Leningrad”, who took Kuzma Scriabin’s repertoire as a basis and sang many of his popular songs. Yes, her worst “over-singing” can be considered the over-singing of the legendary song “Spi sebe sama”. There are no comments here – this is unbearable. You can listen to the plagiarism at the link: Alina Voks – Sama

  • Scriabin – “Mam” (author of text and music: Andriy Kuzmenko)

Ukrainian radio presenter Slava Dyomin wrote on his Instagram about the famous song “Mam”, written by the frontman of the band “Skryabin” Andriy Kuzmenko in 2012. It was sung by Russian performers. In the black and white video, we see Russian conscripts, their mothers and military equipment.

“The Russians stole Scriabin’s song “Mam”. Refrigerators and washing machines are not enough for them. Now they climbed into the songs with their stinking hands. But they turned out, as always, crazy,” the radio presenter captioned the video.

The song and clip were shot by the Russian artist Dmitry Shvets and posted on YouTube a year ago.

You can listen to this talentless plagiarism at the link: Dmitriy Shvets – Mam

  • Chervona Ruta (author of text and music: Volodymyr Ivasiuk)

Such theft crosses all boundaries. Volodymyr Ivasyuk’s legendary “Chervona Ruta” was packed with fans. 54-year-old singer Alexander Green (real name Grishechkin) sang the song in his own arrangement, but he did not manage to translate the very name of the flower.

Plagiarized video at the link: Alexander Green – Chervona Ruta

  • Khrystyna Soloviy – “Trimay” (author of text and music: Khrystyna Soloviy)

In February 2022, the singer Khrystyna Soloviy complained that the Russian rapper used her song “Trimay” without permission. On her Instagram page, the singer noted that Pasha Izotov created his version of her hit. Instead of verses, he read his rap in Russian, but left the chorus, but distorted the singer’s voice with autotune.

“He ruined my song, distorted my voice and is uploading his Russian rap with it on TikTok and YouTube,” Khrystyna Soloviy wrote. She noted that after her lawyers presented the rapper with claims, he wanted to get the rights to the song (I wonder what the answer was?).

“Simply stole, appropriated mine without permission and now I have to “share” it officially,” the performer was indignant.


They even steal the famous beginning of the composition “Good evening, we are from Ukraine”, which was created by DJs Artem Tkachenko and Maksym Mokrenko. Known under the pseudonyms Рrobass and Hardi – the authors of the music track, which has already collected more than 10 million views on YouTube. Despite the fact that this saying has become one of the symbols of wartime, and the head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration of Ukraine Vitaly Kim and the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov start their addresses with it, there are many memes, it is printed on clothes, etc. But the Russians are trying to appropriate the Ukrainian indisputable hit along with the music track.

You can listen to this plagiarized “track” at the link: Song


In turn, the team of lawyers of the “Copyright Law House” persistently asks all those who care to go on strike (complain about copyright infringement) and block these videos and “over-singings”. Also, we remind you that any cover or translation of a song, text or any other part of the work (including the title) should be done only after obtaining WRITTEN CONSENT FROM THE AUTHOR OR RIGHT HOLDER. Do not be like rashists – respect other people’s works, follow the norms of copyright legislation, and if you want to rework someone else’s work, then contact the author (rightholder) and get permission. from the main areas of activity, please contact.

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