What does the Artist trademark apply to?

Trademark has a territorial nature of protection in a certain class (a group of goods/services from the list of International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services, which is updated and improved every year, classes 45). This means that having received a Ukrainian trademark in a certain class, you will not be able to make claims of violation of your rights in another country.

Therefore, first you must decide in which of the 45 classes of International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Servicesyou plan to register, make a patent search (check how you are so alone and unique, and what is the guarantee of registration of Trademark), and then make an application.

After you receive the Trademark certificate, you can use the Trademark yourself within the territory and classes (what you chose and for which you paid the fees), and prohibit the use of other persons (people, companies, etc.) in the same classes and in the territory designated by you within the registration. This, simply put, gives you the legal right to be the only ones who can be in certain areas (classes) with such a name (logo, name or pseudonym).

For the artist, this is of enormous importance if he plans to actively work in the concert services market, indicate his name everywhere, advertise both on TV and on social networks, earn money on the sale of merch, songs, advertising, YouTube, etc.

And even if under this name the Artist wants to extract oil or produce electric cars, then he registered this type of activity in the right class, he will also be able to do it. The main thing to remember is that the registration process is not cheap or fast. But if there is enough money and time, then you can register all the necessary areas.

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