Note to the citizen: how to get compensation for the loss of property as a result of hostilities in Ukraine?

Ksenia Semionova, a member of the Kyiv City Council, has published on her Facebook page a step-by-step guide on how to receive compensation for loss of property as a result of hostilities in Ukraine.


Be sure to keep documents on the ownership of property, a technical passport, if possible, make copies of them, as well as an up-to-date extract on the property being owned from the State Register of Property Rights to Real Estate (the register is now working intermittently, so try it on the DIA portal”).

In the event of a fire or an emergency, call the employees of the State Emergency Service to eliminate the consequences and draw up an appropriate act, do not forget to get a copy of it. Also, contact the relevant district state administration with an application for drawing up an act of inspection of housing, or try to draw up an act of destruction on your own with your neighbors. Neighbors in this situation – people are important, so if they witnessed the destruction (fire, shelling, etc.) – record their written explanations.

Make photo and video recording of the destruction yourself, and if available, collect and store articles, photos and videos from the media on relevant facts. Regarding housing – try to collect receipts for movable property (for example, household appliances that were in the house), photos of property before and after.

IMPORTANT: collect all possible evidence of destruction to the maximum:

  1. Acts on the destruction of property, drawn up by the State Emergency Service and local authorities;
  2. Detailed photo / video recording of real estate or other property before and after the events;
  3. Information from the media;
  4. Testimony of neighbors, eyewitnesses, who describe in detail the circumstances of the damage and their nature;
  5. Extract from Register.



File a complaint about the crime with law enforcement agencies with the above evidence of property destruction and be sure to receive an extract from the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations.

Later, also upload the materials to the site Upload materials. This is a resource that collects evidence of the crimes of the Russian Federation for further compensation.

The occurrence of an insured event in a territory where martial law operates is theoretically not a basis for refusing an insurance payment. However, most likely, insurers will not pay for damage caused to property as a result of hostilities – shelling, bombing, etc. This is a common exception in property insurance contracts.
Just in case, I advise you to carefully re-read your contract again, in case this exception is not indicated for you.
That is, for example, the owners of insured cars and houses that were destroyed as a result of enemy shelling are unlikely to receive insurance compensation, but the payment for a classic accident is yes.

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