Copyright Registration by the World Intellectual Property Organization

In 2020, the World Intellectual Property Organization launched the WIPO PROOF service. This service allows you to quickly create tamper-proof evidence that your intellectual property existed at a specific point in time. As part of this copyright registration procedure, a WIPO PROOF token is created – a digital fingerprint of your intellectual asset with a date and time stamp that can be used as evidence in legal disputes.


How is such copyright registration effective?

WIPO PROOF complements WIPO’s existing intellectual property systems, helping inventors and authors to provide verifiable protection for the multiple outcomes of their intellectual work at any stage of development – from idea to conception to commercialization.

In the context of the increasing digitalization of the modern world, inventive and creative activities are often international and collective in nature, and their result is a wide variety of files containing valuable information that can easily become the object of abuse or misappropriation. WIPO PROOF is an effective tool that allows you to verify the existence of digital files of an object at a particular time, which reduces the risk of legal disputes in the future and lays the foundation for any subsequent registration of official IP law.


What objects can be copyrighted in WIPO PROOF?

Any file – an object of intellectual property – can be registered: commercial secret, scripts, scores and other creative works, research results, large-scale datasets, artificial intelligence algorithms or any accounts related to business transactions.


How WIPO PROOF works

The author can go to the WIPO PROOF online site and request a WIPO PROOF token for a specific digital file. WIPO does not review the contents of such a file and does not store a copy of the digital file. The secure one-way WIPO PROOF hashing algorithm provides local interaction with the user’s browser in order to create a unique digital fingerprint of the file.

In addition, the author (or even third parties) – can check such WIPO PROOF tokens on the corresponding website using a few simple steps. To create WIPO PROOF tokens, public key infrastructure (PKI or IOC) technology is used. This is a reliable cryptographic technology, which is one of the most widely recognized in the world and authoritative ways of digital certification. Moreover, the WIPO PROOF service is designed and developed in accordance with eIDAS standards, which are among the most reliable and rigid in the world. WIPO PROOF tokens provide maximum assurance that the date and time specified on the token is correct and has not been modified.


We strongly advise all authors to study new modern ways of protecting their content by copyright and use such convenient services, as well as order such services from specialized lawyers.

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