Copyright complaints: Facebook and Instagram

You noticed that your content is being used without your notification. You have a desire to punish the offender, but you do not know how? In this article, we will tell you how.

How do I file a copyright complaint and what if I filed a complaint against you on Facebook?

There are 3 ways to solve the problem with the intruder:

  • Fill out a special Facebook form through which you will need to indicate: your contact information (important: this information will be available to a potential “violator”), select the content you will complain about, provide your copyrighted work. After that, the form is sent and the moderation will see if such a publication violates your rights. Note: most often Facebook moderation instantly blocks the object of the complaint, until the truth is established;
  • Contact Facebook directly – > contacts can be found in the Facebook Help Center;
  • A simple and effective way is to directly contact the person who you believe has violated copyright and ask them to remove such content, so to speak, peacefully solve the problem.

What if your content was blocked for copyright infringement, but you are sure that you did not violate anything?

  • Firstly, in the support tab, open the “My Violations” tab and look there – > usually all locks are displayed there if they are not there, then we look at item 2 below;
  • Write in support of Facebook. This will remain the only way to find out why your post was blocked.

Server errors or bugs may also be possible reasons for blocking, do not forget that technology tends to break.

How do I file a copyright complaint and what if I filed one on Instagram?

It’s important to note that Instagram is a Facebook property, so in both cases you’ll be texting Facebook support.

This social network is a little simpler, there are already 4 ways, and all 3 previous forms. The only thing added is the ability to complain directly about the publication. In the upper right corner, click the “three dots” menu – > complain – > choose why (there is both copyright infringement and other types of complaints).


If someone complains about you on Instagram, then you will receive a notification – > you can look at it in the action tab (it looks like a “heart” symbol on the panel) and there will be a large exclamation point that will indicate who blocked the publication and why. You can dispute in a special form, which is attached, or again through the support of the site.

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