Services of state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneur

When making a decision to create your own business, after defining the purpose and goals of your business, directions of development, acquaintance with competitors, awareness of all risks, market research and other actions related to the benefits of working “for yourself,” you need to decide on the form of business organization. Or it will be a legal entity – Limited Liability Company (LLC), Private Enterprise (PE), or work as an individual entrepreneur.

It does not matter which form you choose, it requires the registration procedure with the relevant state bodies, in strict compliance with the legally established procedural norms.

Our specialists provide assistance both for a comprehensive registration procedure, that is, on your behalf by power of attorney, and in the form of advice on problematic issues that arise during this process.

The comprehensive registration procedure includes:

  1. Analysis of your future activities and selection of relevant economic activities for registration;
  2. Preparation of all necessary documents for registration, depending on the chosen form of the organization;
  3. Preparation of necessary documents in accordance with the tax system chosen by you;
  4. Development of constituent documents (decision of the sole participant or minutes of meetings of members of the enterprise, articles of association);
  5. Legal support for registration, receipt of relevant extracts, extracts from the Unified State Register and in the bodies of the State Tax Service (here, if necessary).

As mentioned above, if you yourself decide to take up the registration procedure, at each of the stages we provide a paid consultation on complex issues.

You also have the opportunity to order the development of all the necessary documents and the support of a lawyer when they are personally submitted to the registration authorities (this will help you save money on the issuance of notarized powers of attorney on your behalf to carry out registration actions).

The registration procedure itself is carried out in practice within 24 hours after the submission of all the necessary documents to the registration authorities, provided that the state registrar does not find procedural violations or inconsistencies of information about you and your founding partners in the submitted documentation, information already existing in other state registers.

Under the same conditions, our specialists carry out the procedure for registering changes at your enterprise or in the information about your individual entrepreneur, namely:

  • Change of legal entity name (full and/or abbreviated)
  • Change of location of legal entity/individual entrepreneur;
  • Change in the size of the authorized capital of the legal entity;
  • Change of information on governing bodies of a legal entity;
  • Сhange of the head or information about the head of the legal entity;
  • Change in the composition of founders (participants) or change in information about founders (participants) of a legal entity;
  • Change in the types of economic activities of a legal entity/individual entrepreneur;
  • Change of information for communication with legal entity/individual entrepreneur
  • Amendments to the constituent documents (charter) not related to the introduction of amendments to the information on the legal entity contained in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individuals – Entrepreneurs and Public Formations.

* With the help of reliable legal partners, we provide services for the liquidation of the enterprise or individual entrepreneur.

Note that the success of all registration actions depends not only on the work of our specialists, but also on the reliability of the information provided by the Client about itself and its founding partners, as well as on the speed of feedback.

The cost of services is specified individually, depending on the selected service, and the cost of our services does NOT include the costs of notary services, which in any case will be needed during registration actions and payment of mandatory state duties.

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