Patent Landscape – Visual Business Analysis

Globalization and the advent of modern technologies contribute to the development and emergence of new services in the field of intellectual property rights related to patent law. One is the patent landscape.



The patent landscape is a kind of research that is a particular kind of patent information search and analytics that provides insights into the market situation in a particular field of technology. The purpose or function of the patent landscape is to create from a large amount of scientific and technical information a brief result-analysis, accessible for understanding a wide or target consumer circles of information about the competitive environment and technological trends, etc.


  1. The ability to quickly present, compare and assess the ratio of leaders, outsiders, the most promising market participants or technologies relative to others.
  2. Speed up decision-making processes, as well as improve their quality.

In addition, “landscape” study will indicate leading players and competitors in this area of ​ ​ technology (including those that have not yet been presented on the market). The fact is that the launch of the product to the market is at least two to three years, and during this time new competitors may appear, as well as existing ones will expand. In the field of intellectual property law, such a study will undoubtedly determine not only issued patents, but also published patent applications – it will show those solutions that may appear on the market only in a couple of years.

In addition to information about market leaders and outsiders, patenting trends in the industry, the study helps to identify the most developed areas (where competitors invest large finances and efforts) and those areas that are not paid attention at all or are not paid slightly. Such information will make it clear in the development of which areas it is worth investing money and efforts, as well as which direction to move further.



The patent landscape appears in visual form in the form of maps, analysts by region and country. In addition to collecting and analyzing numbers (the number of patents issued, the number of claims, transactions) in each specific country, region or at the global level, the patent landscape analyzes the inventors of the very technologies. This makes it possible to understand whether it is now worth investing in hiring or collaborating with the inventor, who at that moment is looking for partners to realize his copyright and patent law.

Today there is so much information that any business does not have time to process it. It becomes obsolete quickly, so it is important to focus on key information. Dealing with the patent landscape, it is important to create a watch list – applications and patents that have been created relatively recently and have a significant impact on a specific technology in the field of intellectual property law.


To sum up, carrying out the “patent landscape” procedure is an effective way to analyze the market, modern technologies before launching your business in a particular region and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the existing market situation.

Therefore, if you still do not know how to develop your business, then protecting copyright and intellectual property rights are the first necessary steps.

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