Free and high quality: how to legally use someone else’s music

Every week you call us and ask: why can’t I use this song as the background of my video, because it is also freely available on the Internet?

Each time we explain that the owner of the rights to such a song can upload it wherever the soul wishes, but other persons must take special permissions (which are almost always paid) and only then use the song. But today we have picked up 3 free platforms where you can safely take music without paying the authors anything.

как законно использовать чужую музыкуWhat are these services?

So called audio banks: a platform where authors post their music for free access, for the use of which, they do not ask for a monetary reward. Usually they ask only to indicate their authorship so that people who like their melody can know who the author is – this is the way others get to hear.

We offer you 3 such services:

Can you just take and do anything with the melody?

Not quite so, after searching for and finding a melody on such sites, you, firstly, will have to read the terms of the agreement of use, and also be sure to read what type of license this author issues for a specific work.

Take the FMA website for example and choose the Great Reset written by Shaolin Dub. When trying to download a song, we are warned that this song is free when used with certain conditions. Clicking on the link opens one of several types of licenses (the one that the author chooses). To this melody, the author chose a distribution license. Under such a license, he provided that he does not allow this melody to be used for commercial purposes if you remixed such a melody you do not have the right to distribute it and also, when used, you must definitely mention the name of the author. That’s all the terms of his melody.

Are other licenses provided?

To the tune that we took as an example – no. But there are other types of licenses – you just need to look a little on the site for what you like musically and legally too. Most of these audio banks have special filters (criteria) by which you can find your desired melody.

That is, I can just take a melody and not worry about what my video using this melody can delete?

Exactly. The only thing we will advise you is to keep the license itself, since when the author suddenly decides to complain about you for the illegal use of his musical content, you always had with you a document confirming that you have a license (as well as payments, if provided for) for the use of an object of copyright – a musical work.

It is important to understand that a license does not mean ownership of the copyright for songs – it only allows the object to be used in a certain way and on certain terms, and the ownership remains with the author, like all other rights, which is not provided for by the terms of your license.

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